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Cadillac New Concept Car: InnerSpace

It's 2022, and GM has opened the doors to the future of motor vehicles. This Cadillac new concept car forms a part of the Halo portfolio. It gives its passengers an experience of a lifetime. Read on to find out how!

New Concept Cars

Cadillac has revealed their innovation of PersonalSpace and SocialSpace. PersonalSpace takes the shape of a pod-like cabin that fits one person and can land vertically. SocialSpace designs accommodate six people. The PersonalSpace and SocialSpace became a revelation of a better idea, and that is InnerSpace.

InnerSpace Features

This autonomous vehicle is designed to ensure the comfort of its passengers. InnerSpace is big enough to fit two. The luxury of this Cadillac new concept car offers a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The purpose of the vehicle is to help relieve passengers of their daily stresses while commuting in a way whereby they can relax and enjoy the environment.

InnerSpace Technology

Cadillac created a sports car feel with the InnerSpace in terms of seating, with the car’s low-profile floor. The wireless battery management system is dispersed throughout the vehicle, giving it more internal space and a lower base. The steering wheel in this electric vehicle is substituted with a screen- without a doubt, one of the car’s best features.

Stress -Less

The car goes beyond just self-driving. This vehicle allows the “driver” to enjoy augmented reality, watch a movie, or play video games to relax. Cadillac mentions that it uses an AI-driven interface using biometric input. The driver may also instruct the vehicle to dim the lights, open the windows for a better view or put on a certain type of music, and is activated by the vocal control.

External Features

Apart from the serene internal design and impressive artificial intelligence, this vehicle is designed to perfection outside. Its exterior features many windows on its sides and its roof, offering a wonderful view of the outside world passing by.


The Cadillac's new concept car is a whole new automotive world of opportunity for drivers and passengers alike to immerse themselves in comfort and automation. The Halo portfolio is a concept that looks at ways that automobiles can simplify life and enhance wellbeing. This idea looks at a future where driving is eliminated. While these ideas may seem impossible to attain soon, there’s hope that we can enjoy at least some of them soon.

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