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2023 Cadillac Electric Lyriq

Cadillac has taken a step into the future with the launch of the new 2023 Cadillac Electric Lyriq. This vehicle has eye-appealing lines and curves with a tremendous zero-emission electric motor. It also comes with significant new safety features and customizations.


The Lyriq has quite an impressive range as a full charge will enable you to travel up to 480 kilometres. This allows you to drive comfortably between towns without stopping for a charge.


Electric motors have high hp and torque figures with instant torque delivery. The Lyriq is no different, as it delivers a total of 340 hp and 440 nm instantly.

Starting Price

As EVs are still a new concept on the market and more manufacturers are following the same trend, it is still hard to say if there is a high or a low price. New technology is usually a bit more on the expensive side of the scale, but this seems to be different with the Lyriq. The starting price is a mere $67 698.00, which is quite in line with the average SUV.

Time to charge

You are given a few options when it comes to charging your Lyriq. A DC Fast Charge station or a Level 2 charging unit that meets industry standards can be used to charge your EV conveniently. With the regular 11.5kw charger, you have a charging time of up to 59km of range with an hour of charge. This is regardless of the rear-wheel drive or the all-wheel drive versions.

Then you have the 19.2kw charger, referred to as a fast charger. They require 220v compared to the 110v standard charger. They will give you a charge of up to 83km of charge per hour on the rear-wheel drive models only. However, you can bump this up to a 190kw, which will entitle you to a 122km range in only 10 mins of charge regardless between a rear or all-wheel drive.


You have a choice between a black or grey interior, and the car also presents you with a complete digital dash and infotainment system that comes with features such as apple car play and android connect. The Lyriq also has ample room for seating and storage and offers you enough legroom to make yourself comfortable. You will also find a sliding drawer and bins to store valuables such as electronics and wallets.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The lyriq comes with a bunch of safety and driver assistance features, including automatic emergency braking, parking sensors, safety seat, rearview camera, teen driver, front pedestrian breaking and HD rear vision camera. You also can add additional features such as blind zone steering assist, following distance indicator, and side bicyclist alert, to name a few.

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