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Cadillac’s Vision For Electrification And Autonomy

Cadillac takes a new meaning of electric and autonomous vehicles with its latest model, the Lyriq. This self-driving car calls a possibility of an end to fuel for all future automobiles by Cadillac. Consumers can explore luxury and class in this glass-roofed automobile.

Range and Performance

The EV’s 100kWh battery can run for about 300 miles. The Lyriq uses General Motor’s new Ultium battery architecture, which allows for low costs and can be used across all Electric vehicle’s body styles. The Ultium battery use improves the car’s overall performance and distributes it evenly for balance.

Interior Design

The new Cadillac invention takes the look of futuristic vehicles, and the slim lights add to the luxurious look the car already possesses. The position of the wheels gives a balanced distribution of power, which makes the vehicle easy to handle and gives a remarkable driving experience. The car also has a lot of space throughout, which adds to the comfort of the passengers.


The vehicle is autonomous, meaning the driver can relax and have take them to their destination. There are in-built sensors to monitor the driver. They focus on the driver’s eye movement to ensure they are focused. Supercruise function, which includes automatic lane changes, is available on specific LIDAR-mapped roadways (divided across Canada and the USA).

Electrification (Charging Pods)

The vehicle has an app that notifies the driver of nearby electric charging pods, to allow them to plan accordingly. The Lyriq charges at about 190kW of direct current. Cadillac wants to work with public companies to equip the future of electric vehicles better.

Other Features

Cadillac is planning on improving home charging. The Lyriq can support both level 1 and 2 AC. It can also fast charge up to 150kW DC in public charging areas. This charging speed implies you can retain about 76 miles of distance in 10 minutes.


Cadillac brings its vision of Electric vehicles to life and potentially takes us one step closer to eliminating fuel-consuming cars altogether. The new Cadillac Lyriq self-drives and its battery use are efficient. The car monitors the driver’s attentiveness as one of its features while it changes lanes on its own. The vehicle is expected to hit the Canadian Markets by the fall of next year. Meanwhile, over 120 dealerships are in the process of adding DC chargers in preparations for its arrival.

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